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We have low electricity rates with NO EXTRA FEES! That means no base charge, no minimum usage charge and no fuel surcharge. Enjoy low rates today and always.

To get started, we need a little information from your current electricity bill. Gather up your bill and answer the questions to the left and click calculate. After that, we’ll take it from there, showing you what your estimated monthly savings could be and how much you could help out the environment!


  • Make sure to look for your average kilowatt rate (avg kWh), which include all extra fees (they may be in the fine print on your current bill).
  • Double check so as to not confuse the average kilowatt rate on your bill with the kilowatt energy charge.

Citing Sources:

1. Based on renewable content of product and Environmental Agency Egrid 2012 database. ERCOT Non-Baseload Carbon Dioxide Emissions rate of 1.096 lbs of Carbon Dioxide per kWh.

2. Based on U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory, EPAA420-97-037 Annual Emissions and Fuel Consumption for an “Average Passenger car 0.9lb/mile.”

If you have any questions, feel free to call us at (888) 316-4607.


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