Renewable Energy Benefits

When you choose 100% renewable energy from Beyond Power, you’re choosing more than just a reliable energy company, you’re helping sustain the planet by increasing the overall percent of renewable energy on the power grid. Renewable energy is energy that comes from renewable resources such as wind, solar and biomass power production. These methods of energy production are sustainable and safer for us. The United Nations has stated a leading cause of cancer is air pollution. The biggest cause of pollution is due to creating energy from nonrenewable resources. Beyond Power was built for the dynamic purpose to empower you with the truth and to make renewable energy more affordable for everyone. We aim to accomplish this by offering low prices with no extra fees or hidden marketing gimmicks.

Did You Know

  • The Texas electrical grid energy mix has increased from 4.5% to 9.5% renewable over the last 4 years from Texas residents and businesses choosing renewable energy sources. With your help to spread the word, imagine what we can do in the next 4 years!
  • The misconception today is that “going green” costs more, with less reliability. The truth is, we’re ALL connected by the same wire and pole companies so your reliability stays the same and there’s no interruption in your power when you switch. You simply choose your energy provider, the price you pay them and the energy source that they contribute to the grid on your behalf. The most important change is that Beyond Power contributes 100% renewable energy to the grid for your usage at a great low price!
  • Renewable energy sources are not dependent on a finite limited resource and will always be sustainable.
  • Domestic renewable energy is the best way to make the United States more self-sustainable and free from dependence on foreign oil and energy supply.
  • Since renewable energy will be supplied by local sources, the savings will be passed on to the local consumer. This can help people move in the direction of being self-sustainable by creating their own renewable energy for their home.
  • As energy storage and batteries rapidly improve, we will be able to store and utilize renewable energy to its full potential, as well as helping to maintain the grid during peak usage and demand.

The more people that choose Beyond Power and renewable energy sources, the more the grid’s renewable energy percentage increases. The most important change is that Beyond Power contributes 100% renewable energy to the grid for your usage at a great low price! In addition, the increased production and demand will cause renewable energy prices to become even lower, but it all starts with your choice today!

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